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Customizing the Answer Display page
Answer ID 514   |   Last Review Date 12/09/2022

How can I customize the Answer Display page?


Customer Portal, Answer Display


The Answer Display page presents content for an individual answer published to your end-user pages. Initially, when a user clicks the Answers tab, a list of answers display. When the user clicks the summary link, they are taken to the answer display page.

By default, several features are included on the answer display page, including the ability to email the answer link to someone else, print the answer or provide feedback.

In Customer Portal, by default, the answers/detail.php file controls the content of the Answer Display page.  By default, the answers/detail.php file includes widgets for the following features.

  • standard/Search/AdvancedSearchDialog:  This widget defines the Basic and Advanced search functionality.  The widget uses the filters from the designated report (default report_id=158) to include in the Advanced Search area.
  • standard/utils/EmailAnswerLink:  This widget presents a link that, when clicked, allows the user to email a link to the current answer page after submitting the user's name and email address and the recipient's email address. 
  • standard/utils/PrintPageLink:  When clicked, this widget calls the browser's print dialog in order to print the current page. The site's CSS may need to be configured via the print media type to hide or show particular content for the printed page.
  • standard/notifications/AnswerNotificationIcon:  This widget displays the Answer Notification feature on the page.
  • standard/output/ProductCategoryDisplay:  This widget displays the value of the data source specified. The field must be a Hiermenu type, specifically products or categories. Displayable system fields are listed on the Business Objects page of the Tag Gallery.
  • standard/output/CustomAllDisplay:  This widget displays all end-user custom fields with end-user visibility for the database table indicated. The exact UI element displayed depends on the data type of the custom field. If the field has a null value, it does not display.
  • standard/feedback/AnswerFeedback:  This widget displays the answer rating section. The threshold attribute defines the maximum value for which the feedback pop-up window displays to allow end-users the ability to submit feedback for the answer.
  • standard/knowledgebase/RelatedAnswers:  This widget displays the related answers section under the heading Answers others found helpful.  This widget displays answers that are both manually related to the answer (by editing the answer and using the Relationships tab) and answers that are related based on end-user session activity.
  • standard/knowledgebase/PreviousAnswers:  This widget displays answers that the end-user has already viewed within their end-user session. This allows the end-user to easily access answers they have most recently viewed.
  • standard/input/EmailCheck:  This widget allows a user to enter their email address which is then checked against the contact database and, based on the result, to redirect to a different page. The email address entered will be passed to the redirect as a URL param (e.g. '/app/ask/').