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Unable to edit a backup or default file in File Manager
Answer ID 4933   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

Why am I unable to update the backup files in the File Manager?


February 2010 through November 2012, File Manager


The current product functionality does not allow you to edit or overwrite the files in the backup and default directories, these files are only to be viewed and downloaded.

The File Manager automatically saves a backup file in the backup directory when a file is uploaded, edited, or restored. It also maintains permanent, read-only copies of the originally installed default files in the default directory.

However, files that have been edited can be restored from the default file or the backup copy using the restore function.

You can restore a file to the most recent backup copy in the backup directory or to the original default file in the default directory. You might choose this option if you are having problems editing a file and want to revert to an earlier version. Read-only, backup copies of all files accessible through the File Manager are created in each default directory during installation to serve as permanent backup copies. Before a file is overwritten (edited, uploaded, or restored), a backup copy is saved in the backup directory.

When you use the 'restore' function and there is both a backup and default file, you are prompted to choose which file you want to restore. If only one file exists, either a default file or a backup file, a dialog box prompts you to confirm the restoration from the existing file.

In order to restore a file from the backup or default directory by following the detailed steps provided below.

1. Click the Configuration button on the navigation pane and then double-click File Manager under Site Configuration.

2. Navigate to the directory that contains the file you want to restore.

3. Click the Restore button in the Action column of the file you want to restore. A warning message asks you to verify that you want to restore the file.

4. Click the OK button. If both backup and default files exist, you are prompted to choose either the backup or default file.

5. To restore from the default file, select the Default radio button and click the Commit button to return to the directory list of files.

6. To restore from the backup file, select the Backup radio button and click the Commit button to return to the list of files.

File Manager > restore from backup or default files

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