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Email did not create an incident for existing contact
Answer ID 4752   |   Last Review Date 07/18/2021

Why didn't an email from an existing contact get created correctly?


Incidents, Configuration Settings


We have EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE disabled but the sender in the From field is correctly set up as a contact in our database. Why did the email not create an incident?


When EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE is disabled, a contact record is not automatically created from incoming emails. This means that in order for an email to create an incident, the sender must have an existing contact in the database. If no contact record can be associated (ie. the config is disabled) the incoming message will be discarded.

When evaluating for this condition, the first field which is checked is the Reply-To email address. The value of the Reply-To email address might be different than the value of the From field. If the email address in the Reply-To field of the email is not associated to a valid contact, the incident will not be created.

If the Reply-To field is blank in the email, then the From field is used. If both fields are blank, the Sender field is used.

Please refer to Answer 2100: Some email messages are not being turned into incidents for additional reasons why some incoming emails do not create incidents.