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Proactively monitoring email to assure it is working correctly
Answer ID 475   |   Last Review Date 09/09/2019

How can I proactively monitor my email to assure it is working correctly?


Incoming E-mail


Oracle B2C Service includes several features that allow you to monitor your site's performance with regard to email submitted to mailboxes configured in the Mailboxes table and the conversion of email into incidents.

Error Log:

When certain errors are encountered during the techmail run, the errors are recorded in the System Error Log. If a staff member's profile has the System Error Log box checked on the Common tab, that staff member can access the error log to review errors associated with the techmail utility.

In addition, if the System Error message is enabled, staff members who can access the Error Log also receive a notification in their Communication Center, indicating that a new system error has been recorded. This allows staff members to investigate errors and their causes.

For more information on the System Error Log, refer to Answer 1853: System Error Log.  

Techmail Logs:

Customers also have access to the utility statistics for their sites.

Click the 'Site Tools' link, verify your credentials (if prompted) and then click the Utility Stats link under the Hosting Services section. On the Utility Portal page, select the techmail option for the interface in question.

Each techmail run is listed with the date and time of the run and a message indicating if any problems were encountered. If an error occurred, it most likely generated an Email Gateway Error. For more information on the messages, click Message Definitions on the Utility Runs page. 

Service Summary Report:

The Service Summary report includes the count of incidents created from the Ask a Question page, Email, and the Support Console. Use the Service Summary report to monitor the number of incidents created from email over specified time periods. This report gives you information on new incidents for all mailboxes. 

Custom Report by Mailbox:

Consider creating a custom report to count all incidents created from individual mailboxes. This can be done for a specified time period such as the previous day, week, or month. This report can then be scheduled and monitored to determine significant changes in the number of incidents generated from each mailbox. 

Check the Size of Your Mailboxes:

For customers who host their own mailboxes (that is, mailboxes not hosted by Oracle B2C Service), monitor the size of your mailboxes to identify a problem in retrieving mail. If the mailbox size continues to grow over an hour or two, it may be that the utility is not running or there is a problem in retrieving mail such as a problem with the mailbox configuration problem or access to the mailbox itself.