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VCIO Email Notifications Opt-Out
Answer ID 4550   |   Last Review Date 10/24/2019

How do I remove myself from VCIO email notifications?


VCIO, Cloud Services Portal


If you are a Primary Support Contact for your company, you may be receiving notifications from VCIO (i.e. Site Status or Maintenance type notifications).

You can opt out of receiving notifications by logging into VCIO and changing your notification preferences by either

  1. Going to Preferences > Notification
  2. Selecting the desired Opt-Out setting.


  1. Going to your support profile page
  2. Updated your notification preferences at the bottom of the page (See How to receive/opt out of Service and Maintenance Notifications)

NOTE: If you are listed as a technical contact, you may not be able to opt-out of certain notifications that are deemed necessary for you to receive due to your role. 

If you are improperly listed as a technical contact, have your contact manager use the contact management tool to update your contact type.  Contact managers can also disable contacts via that tool, which will automatically disable their notifications.

New contacts or contacts that have left your organization can be updated via the Contact Management page. Refer to Answer ID 1560: Using the Contact Management page to add or update designated contacts.

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