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Transactional Survey Incorrectly Sending
Answer ID 4541   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Why are my surveys that are built to send when an incident has been solved for a certain amount of time sending even though the incident status has changed from solved?


Rules, Surveys


Rules only check an incident when it is first run through the rule-set.  If an incident meets all of the requirements, and then is transitioned to a certain queue, it will stay in that queue regardless of if the incident status changes since rules do not revalidate after the initial test.

The best practice to avoid this is to create an escalation rule, as you can setup these to revalidate after a set amount of time.


1. Create an escalation rule that says if incident.status is equal to solved, then escalate in two days

2. On that escalation rule, check the Revalidate box

3. After 2 days, the Revalidate will check if the incident is still solved

4. Create another rule will send the transactional survey immediately



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