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Custom report always queues now, when it has not in the past
Answer ID 4493   |   Last Review Date 12/05/2020

Why is my report now always queuing when it has never done this before?


Custom Reports
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Many times the reason that a custom report will try to queue every time that it is run is because the report has been set to deferred execution. This will drastically increase the reports likelihood to be queued. Please note, a report set to deferred execution will not force a report to queue, but will increase the likelihood that it will ask to be queued.

A report can become deferred in a couple of ways:

1. If a report takes longer than 60 seconds to run, the report will get set to deferred execution. This happens most often when someone has run the report in a way that is likely to exceed this threshold (i.e.. the filter set used requires the underlying database queries to access a large amount of information or otherwise requires intensive processing).

2. Someone has manually edited the report and selected the option to "Set report to deferred execution."

To check if your report is set to deferred execution:

  1. Open your report in Edit mode.
  2. Click the Options button located in the Properties section of the Home tab. Click "More Options..."
  3. Uncheck "Set report to deferred execution."
  4. Click OK and save the report.

If the report runs without needing to be queued, then you have resolved the issue. Please note, if another agent runs the report at a different time with a larger filter range it may take over 60 seconds for the report to run. This will cause the report to become deferred again. It is not possible to adjust or configure this setting. If running the report with your default filters takes longer than 60 seconds to run, the report will become deferred again. In that case, you will need to let the report queue as it is taking too much time to be processed. Additional filters may help the report to run more efficiently. For more information on reports processing too much data, refer to Answer ID 4278: Report query processes too much data.

For information on modifying the deferred or data source options for standard reports, refer to Answer ID 5094: Standard report is queuing.

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