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Workspaces take a long time to load
Answer ID 4242   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

Why do my workspaces take so long to load?




Delays in loading a workspace can result from having custom tabs with certain relationship items such as browser windows or reports. When a new or existing record is opened, each of the browsers or reports in the custom tabs are loaded into the workspace whether you use them or not.

There is a setting which will delay the loading of these controls until the moment that the tab is opened. Enabling this setting for each custom tab will improve the load time of the incident workspace.

To enable this setting:

  1. Open the workspace in the workspace editor.
    Configuration > Application Appearance > Workspaces
  2. In the workspace, select the custom tab and click in the white space of this tab to highlight the control for editing. For Report controls, the setting can be found on the "Design" tab under "Report Behavior" (called "Delay Report Execution") For the Browser control, the setting is on the "Design Tab" and is called "Delay Page Load".

Additional tips to help your workspaces load quicker:

  • Try to limit the number of fields on a workspace
  • Try to avoid having excessively nested containers (e.g. many levels of Tabsets)
  • Try to limit the number of workspace rules (especially ones that get triggered when the Workspace loads)