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Troubleshooting slow page loads
Answer ID 421   |   Last Review Date 05/10/2022

Oracle B2C Service is responding slowly when loading pages. What can be done to correct this?


Site Performance


Slow response time may be caused by one of several factors or a combination of these factors. If you believe the speed of your Oracle B2C Service implementation is slow -- that is, other internet connections load more quickly -- consider the possible causes listed below.

Response time may be affected due to issues beyond the control of Oracle B2C Service, such as: firewalls, routers, and/or Internet issues. Review our Hosted Site Status page to determine if any issues are posted.

Some maintenance and adjustment operations on Oracle servers can slow down speed on certain sites. Our Cloud Operations group tries to reduce these operations during peak hours but sometimes slowdown is unavoidable. If slowness is frequent, constant, or unacceptably long, submit an Ask Technical Support and include the information requested below. While slowness may be caused by factors outside Oracle B2C Service's control, some steps can be taken.

When submitting an Ask a Question request related to slowness issues, please provide the following information with your request:

  1. Note the times of slowness, and state if the slowness is constant or intermittent. Does slowness seem to occur at certain times of the day?
  2. Include in the description of the incident any observations, database configurations, server operations, internet speed other network operation that might be affecting the network. What else is going on with the server? Do other programs that are network related respond slowly?
  3. Include the average time of page loading.
  4. Attach traceroute files when the words ALL TIME are in the tr.rightnow file and slowness occurs while loading certain pages.

    Note: Use the directions in this answer to perform a traceroute.  Refer to Answer ID 1104: Running a Traceroute

Additional Consideration: If the end-user pages are slow in loading, but your administration pages are loading in a timely manner, this could be due to issues with the stylesheet used for the site, particularly if you are using a custom stylesheet located on another server. If the server on which your stylesheet resides is slow or unreachable, then your end-user pages will also be slow or unreachable. Evaluate the server where your stylesheet resides to determine if there are any performance issues there.