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Recurring campaigns, surveys, & mailings
Answer ID 4150   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can a campaign be built so that it can be launched at regular intervals?


Outreach, Feedback


It is possible to set a recurring delivery for campaigns, surveys and mailings.

Broadcast mailings and survey invitations

  • Delivery options include daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals.
  • Users can specify a date range for the recurrences or set them to run indefinitely.
  • Specific days of the month or specific months of the year can also be specified.
  • Each message can be sent to each contact in your audience only once or with each recurrence.
  • The time of day that the messages will be sent can also be selected by the user.

To add or edit a recurring schedule for a broadcast campaign, survey or mailing:

  1. Open the campaign, survey or mailing.
  2. Click the Delivery Tab.
  3.  Click the Recurrence button. The Confirm Schedule Recurrence window opens.
  4. Set up desired recurring schedule.
  5. Click the OK button to save the recurrence settings and return to the Delivery tab.
  6. To suspend the recurrence, click the Suspend button.
  7. To exclude contacts from the audience that were included in a previous instance of the recurrence, click the Audience tab and select the Exclude from Audience if Previously Sent check box.

Scheduled Entry Point element for campaigns

The new Scheduled Entry Point element allows a recurrence pattern to be defined for a designated segment of contacts.  Once the schedule is in place, a recurring campaign can be edited, suspended or canceled at any time.

Three new reports track past recurrences: Recurring Mailings Summary, Recurring Surveys Summary and Recurring Campaigns Summary.

Note: When you re-schedule a recurring mailing and/or campaign you should not schedule it to send in the same day.  For testing purposes it is best to copy the campaign or mailing and then reschedule that copy so that you do not need to wait until the next day for testing results.

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