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Using Incident Source when creating incident rules
Answer ID 385   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

When creating rules for routing and handling incidents, what does Incident Source refer to?


Business Rules 
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


When creating rules for incidents, the Incident Source specifies where the incident originated.

The Source field applies to all record types in the application.  As a result, the source for all record types (such as incidents, contacts, answers, and opportunities) are included in a two-tier hierarchical structure.

The first level of the Source hierarchy are major components of the application such as:

  • CX Console (the Oracle B2C Service Console)
  • End-User pages
  • Utilities (including techmail)

The second level of the hierarchy is the specific source of the record, such as Incident Editor or the Ask a Question page.

Incident workspaces: By default, the Source field is included on the Details tab of the default incident workspace. This allows agents to determine how the incident was created.

The most common sources for incidents are:

  • Incident Editor (under CX Console)
  • Ask a Question (under End-User Pages)
  • Utilities > Techmail - Service Mailbox
  • Utilities > Techmail - Outreach Mailbox (when people reply to a mailing)
  • Chat (under CX Console)

In addition, incidents can also be created with the following sources:

  • Feedback on Answers (under End-User Pages)
  • Site Feedback (under End-User Pages)
  • External Events and Public SOAP API (under Public API)

Source used in incident rules:  When configuring an incident rule, you can include the incident Source field to the IF criteria of the rule. Click Add condition based on and select Incident > Source.

When the Incident.Source criteria is added to the rule, by default all sources are enabled. Modify the source list as you need to create the IF condition for your rule.  You can leave non-incident sources (such as Answer Editor or Contact Editor) enabled if you wish. Since no incidents are created from those sources, it does not matter if those sources are enabled or disabled in your IF criteria.

For a complete list of source codes, refer to the Data Dictionary.