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Some waiting incidents are not getting set to Solved
Answer ID 382   |   Last Review Date 09/09/2019

Why don't some of my incidents get set to solved after a certain period of time even though I have configured the CI_HOURS configuration setting?


Utilities, Agedatabase, Configuration Settings


The agedatabase utility compares the time_respond field in the Oracle B2C Service database to the value in the CI_HOURS configuration setting to determine if the incident has been in the waiting state long enough to be set to solved. If incidents set to Waiting are not getting set to Solved, there are a few things to consider:

If NO Waiting incidents are getting set to Solved: 

Check the Site Tools > Utility Stats page to confirm agedatabase is running. If errors are encountered, submit a service request to Ask Technical Support to investigate further.

If only SOME Waiting incidents are not getting set to Solved: 

If you have a multi-interface site, verify that the CI_HOURS setting for the interface associated with the incidents has a positive value.  Setting CI_HOURS in an interface to zero turns off the feature in that interface.  Incidents are set to Solved based on the CI_HOURS of the assigned interface.  Therefore, if CI_HOURS is set to zero in an interface, waiting incidents assigned to that interface do not automatically get set to solved.

In addition, review the status that the incidents are being set to and verify that the status type is set to Waiting. For example, if staff members set incidents to a custom status, make sure that the custom status is a Waiting status type. To check the status type, use the steps below.

1. The path is Configuration > Application appearance > Customizable Menus > System Menus

2. Select Incident Statuses to see a list of current statuses and their status types

If the status type is not Waiting, you must create a new custom status to replace the existing one. It is not possible to edit the status type of an existing incident status.

If incidents are getting set to solved after more hours have passed than is configured in CI_HOURS:

The agedatabase utility only runs once a day.  Incidents are closed at the time the utility runs runs if the incident has been in a waiting status for more than CI_HOURS.  Depending on when the incident was set to waiting, the incident might be set to Solved almost 24 hours after the CI_HOURS setting.  CI_HOURS works in conjunction with CI_WAITING_CALC_DAYS.  This setting defines the days that agedatabase will include when calculating how long an incident has been in the Waiting state. The format is "SuMTuWThFSa." If left blank, agedatabase will include all days. Default is SuMTuWThFSa.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.