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Related Answers on the Answer Display page
Answer ID 356   |   Last Review Date 04/12/2022

How do I enable or disable the Related Answers feature when viewing an answer?


Answers, Customer Portal
All versions


In the CP pages, the RelatedAnswers widget allows related answers to display at the bottom of the page when viewing an answer under the heading Answers others found helpful.  This widget is included by default in the answers/detail.php file:

           <rn:widget path="knowledgebase/RelatedAnswers" limit="8"/>

All widgets including this one can be accessed from the Customer Portal Administration Area to see its definition, including a description, default code, attributes, and all other relevant information about configuring it.

  1. Click the Widgets tab at the top left.
  2. Click Browse Widgets
  3. Click Standard Widgets
  4. Click knowledgebase
  5. Click RelatedAnswers
Access this directly as https://<sitename>/ci/admin/versions/manage#widget=standard%2Fknowledgebase%2FRelatedAnswers

The RelatedAnswers widget allows both manually related and learned link answers to display in the same section.  If both manually related answers and learned link answers exist for a specific answer ID, the manually related answers are listed above the learned link answers.

Answers can be manually related to another answer by editing an answer and adding the related answer to the Manually Related Answers section on the Relationships tab.
Answers can be related based on end-user usage and link data as well.  Related answers based on link data are listed on the Relationships tab in the Learned Links section.

To remove the Related Answers feature:  Edit the answers/detail.php file and remove the RelatedAnswers widget.