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Create static value for all contacts during data upload
Answer ID 2786   |   Last Review Date 01/20/2019

Is it possible to insert the same value for all records being uploaded without editing the source file?


Data Import Wizard


I would like to insert the same value for all contacts for a specific field. We'd like a way to create a static value to populate a column without editing the .csv file.


If you are uploading a .csv file with a large number of contacts and you have one field where the data is the same for all contacts, it is possible to create a static value to avoid entering content for each line within the .csv file itself.  

To do this, enter a static value in the Column Mappings using the format ("<value>"). For example, if you wanted to associate all imported records with the United States, the value of the column field would be (US).

In Oracle B2C Service, open the Data Import Wizard.  On page 2 of the wizard, you will be prompted to map columns from the .csv file to fields within the application.  If you want to set a static value for all contacts, use these steps:

  1. Select 'Add' in the column mappings area
  2. Select the data field from the 'Field' column
  3. Under Default Value, enter the value needed
  4. Continue with import as normal

Note: We recommend that you upload no more than 1 million max contacts at a time and that the file size should not exceed 20 MB. If necessary, you can break a large set of contacts into smaller groupings as necessary and do multiple uploads.