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Customizing the displayed search criteria in the incident editor's 'search knowledgebase' feature
Answer ID 2694   |   Last Review Date 01/13/2019

How do I customize the 'Search Knowledgebase' criteria displayed when editing an incident?


Analytics, Incident Editor > Search Knowledgebase 
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


In order to customize the search criteria, edit the incident workspace and click on the 'Search Knowledgebase' button area in the workspace editor. At the top of the workspace editor, click the 'Search Report' button to see which report is being used in conjunction with this search. (Standard report is ID 125, "Search KnowledgeBase") Once you determine which report is being used, locate the report in Reports Explorer and edit it to meet your search needs.

If the report in question is a standard report that cannot be edited, then you will need to make a copy of the report and customize it instead. You will then need to edit the workspace again to use the new customized report.

Please note that while it is possible to customize the report being used by changing columns, it is not possible to alter the Action links used. For example, additional action link cannot be added, not existing ones removed. 

When run via the Search Knowledgebase feature from the incident editor, either all or none of the following three action links will be displayed, depending on how the report is configured:

    Add as Link
    Add as Text

To configure if the action links are to be displayed or not, edit the report and click the 'Records' button on the Ribbon, in the Properties section on the Home tab:

- to display all the three actions, expand 'Answer' and select all checkboxes
- to display none of the three actions, uncheck all checkboxes.

Please note that even if all the checkboxes are selected, when the report is run inside the Search Knowledgebase feature in the workspace, the users will only be allowed to View Link, Add as Text and View the answers returned by the report. The other options such as Delete, New, etc. will not be displayed when the user right-clicks an answer returned by the Search Knowledgebase feature.

In the scenario where the agents need to use the report both standalone and inside the Search Knowledgebase feature, and they should see the action links in the Search Knowledge but should have fewer commands in the standalone report (such as Print, but not Delete), please consider using two distinct reports. See Answer 5282: Search KnowledgeBase Report - Read Only for more details on configuring the standalone report.