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User accounts appended with "Rnt"
Answer ID 2670   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Why do I see a user account on my site that is appended with "_Rnt"?


Staff Accounts, Cloned Accounts
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) Technical Support


Accounts ending with '_Rnt' are cloned accounts that Oracle B2C Service Technical Support creates for the purpose of troubleshooting customer issues.  Because many items are workspace driven and specific to accounts/profiles, it is best that we clone the account experiencing the issue.  This gives us an exact replica of the profile permissions and staff account workspaces to investigate.  All work done by Technical Support through one of these cloned accounts is logged for security purposes.

Generally, once we are done troubleshooting an issue, we will remove the cloned account.  However, in some cases it is necessary to let the account remain for escalation purposes.  Oracle uses these cloned accounts as a tool to help resolve service requests submitted by your organization.  Submission of a service request provides Oracle permission to create a cloned account and login to your site for investigation of reported issues.  As part of your contract, you agree to provide Oracle with all necessary information, access and full good faith cooperation reasonably necessary to enable Oracle to provide Support Services.

Under the cloned account, Technical Support will attempt to reproduce the reported issue and/or diagnose unexpected behavior.  They will not make configuration or environmental changes within the application.  If such changes are needed, they will be communicated to you via the service request and instructions provided for you to make changes within your site.

When you see these accounts, it is not necessary that you adjust the permissions or disable these accounts, as they may be in use for troubleshooting and are only temporary. 

Please note:  The Administrator account with account ID 1 and the cloned accounts ("_Rnt" users) are not counted against your license.

For more information, please see the Oracle Services Agreement (Section 16).