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Mailings and surveys using replication server
Answer ID 2665   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How do I know mailings sent through the replication server are being sent correctly and on time?


Outreach, Feedback, Surveys, Mailings, Campaigns


Mailings and surveys with a high volume audience will use the replication server to reduce the impact of large processes on the production database. Because the synchronization between the replication server and the production server can occasionally fall behind, the mailer daemon uses a failsafe function before sending to ensure that the replication server is caught up. If it is not, the mailing or survey will be delayed until the replication server has been synchronized.

This failsafe system ensures the mailing or survey will reflect the current state of your production contact records (including their opt-in/opt-out and valid/invalid statuses) at the time the mailing or survey is sent.

This function is similar to what is used with Analytics Reports when using the operational or reporting server to run reports. Please see Answer 5609: Information on different database types used for reporting for more information. Although you can manually change which server runs for reports, the failsafe system ensures the best data source will be used when generating an outgoing email for an Outreach product. There is functionality to use the operational data source when a mailing or survey is generated on a small site and small audience. This is dependent on the audience generated and how the selection is optimized.

If you are uncertain whether your site uses the replication server to send mailings and surveys, please contact Oracle B2C Service Technical Support or your account representative.