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Using CSS in Mailings
Answer ID 2661   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

What is a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)?


Cascading style sheets  (CSS)
Oracle B2C Service Outreach and Feedback


Cascading style sheets give a web author the ability to control the appearance and formatting of web pages.  Web pages were traditionally constructed with markup tags surrounding individual pieces of each page to control its appearance, but making changes to a page or a set of pages became very labor intensive as the author was forced to edit each individual markup tag.  Alternatively, CSS allows an author's changes to "cascade" through all the web pages that it governs, saving time and effort.

When you create a mailing in Oracle B2C Service Outreach and Feedback, you can use CSS to control the appearance of the message.  However, you may find that some mailings have the CSS formatting stripped out or ignored, depending on the mail client or webmail service that your recipients use.  By using the proofing functionality built into the RightNow mailing tool, you can send your mailings to 'test' email accounts to see if the formatting appears differently than what your CSS specifies.

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