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Fixing / freezing report columns
Answer ID 2577   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How can I fix report columns so they don't scroll off the page?


Analytics, All versions


You can fix report columns so that the column you are viewing stays in place when you scroll horizontally to see other columns. This is useful with a report that has many columns that are not all visible on the screen at the same time.

You can configure a report so that columns are frozen when the report is first run. You can also freeze columns after the report is run.

To fix a report column:  Right click on the column and select Freeze Column.  All columns to the left of that column will be fixed as well.

While editing a report, you can also click on the column and then from the Format tab located on the ribbon, click Freeze Column. Then, save the report.

To unfreeze a column: Right click on the column and select Unfreeze Column.