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Read-only access to records
Answer ID 2559   |   Last Review Date 04/12/2020

How can I give agents read only access to records?


Staff Accounts, Profile

The following pertains to most record types. Information for answers can be found in Read-only access to answers.


Staff members can open records in read only mode.  A staff member's profile must have read permissions set for the record type and not have edit permissions set.

To assign read-only permissions:

  1. From the Configuration items, select Staff Management > Profiles.

  2. Double-click the profile you want to change. On the ribbon, click the Permissions button.

  3. Under each tab, check the box in the Read column for each selection to allow staff to view records.  Be sure that the Edit box is not checked.

  4. On the ribbon click the Analytics button. In the Profile Analytics, you must check the Open box for each individual appropriate reports so that staff are able to run the reports to access the records.

  5. Click Save.

It is also possible to set individual fields to Read-Only for different profiles in the Workspace Designer.  For more information, refer to Answer ID 2466: Including Fields in a Workspace.

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