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Adding survey pages in Advanced Mode
Answer ID 2556   |   Last Review Date 03/19/2019

Is it possible to add survey pages once you have gone into advanced mode in a survey questionnaire designer?


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Oracle B2C Service


You can add a new survey page, edit an existing page to add questions and HTML content, set the page title and modify buttons from the advanced mode.

To add a survey page:

  1. In the Survey Components section on the right, click Survey Page.
  2. Drag the new Survey Page icon to the designer.
  3. To edit the new page and add content to it, right click on it and select Edit Properties.
  4. Add any new content using the Tasks bar on the right.

To add a new survey question:

  1. Open your existing survey.
  2. Right click on the survey page you want to add the question to.
  3. Choose Edit Properties
  4. In the Page Tasks box on the right, choose Add a Question.
  5. Click on New Survey Question at the top of the dialog box.
  6. Create your new question, save it.
  7. Click ok.

You will be taken back to the advanced mode page.  You can add new questions at any time before your survey is launched.  To maintain the integrity of the survey and it's results, it is not recommended that you add new questions to your survey once it has been launched and you have begun to receive responses to it.  This will create uneven survey results.