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Including file attachments with mailings and surveys
Answer ID 2542   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

When I send the mailing as a proof, why aren't the attachments appearing in my email?


Outreach and Feedback, Surveys and Mailings, Attachments


From the Summary tab, you can include file attachment to a mailing or survey and that file becomes permanently attached to the mailing. The Attachments tab lists any files attached to the mailing and contains the file name, size, content type, and description.

Files attached to the mailing in this way are intended to be supporting information or documentation related to the mailing or survey. These attachment are not sent to customers.     

Linking to files: You can add files to your Oracle B2C Service application in the Content Library.  These files can be included in mailings and surveys.  These files can be viewed by contacts who receive your mailings or surveys. After the files are added, you can use them as many times as you want in several mailings or surveys.

With the files added to the Files explorer, you can include links to the files within documents, templates, and snippets.  The recipient receives a link within the mailing or survey invitation message that links to the file you have added. With this approach you do not have to worry about the attachment itself being blocked from delivery.

Note:  Oracle B2C Service's marketing best practices indicate that it is best to not send files as attachments to mailings for the following reasons:

Emails with attachments may be blocked from delivery due to virus risks and/or spam identification procedures. Attachments also contribute to exceeding email account quotas (B2C marketing to personal email accounts), and to increased download times, delivery times and hardware requirements. Instead, include a link to the attachment(s) and give contacts the option to read the document on-line or download where appropriate.

To add a file that can be used as a link in a mailing: Add the file to the Content Library:

  1. From the console, select New > Content Library > File.

  2. Click Browse to locate the file to upload.

  3. To disable the file from being added to mailings, click the Menu Access Disabled checkbox.  This prevents staff from including the file in a mailing.

  4. To disable the file from being viewed by recipients, enable the End User Access Disabled box. This allows you to disable a file after a period of time has passed from when the file was included in a mailing.

  5. Add a description of the file.

  6. Click Save.  Add a name for the file and click the Save button.

To include a file link within a mailing:  Once the file is defined in the Content Library > Files explorer, and if the file is not disabled from menu access, staff can include a link to the file in their mailing. Links to files can also be included in the invitation message to a survey:

  1. Open the mailing for editing and click the Messages tab. Or open the survey for editing and click the Invitation Message tab.

  2. From the Toolbox, click File Link.

  3. From the pop-up window, select the file. 

  4. In the Text field, add the text used for the link. You can also specify additional class or style attributes as well as target attributes for the link that is created.

  5. Click OK to close the Insert File Attachment window.

  6. Modify your mailing or survey and then save, proof, and send the mailing or launch the survey.

When the recipient receives the mailing or survey, they can click the link within the email to view the attachment.