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Creating B2C Service Chat transcripts
Answer ID 2536   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Do I have to create incidents in order to store our chat transcripts?


Chat, Transcripts


Incidents are no longer the only means of storing chat transcripts. Historical chat transcripts can be reviewed through standard report "Chat Event Details" (Report ID 3029).  Additionally at the time of review, a new incident can be created or the chat transcript can be appended to an existing incident.

Note: In February 2012 and later releases there is an additional standard chat report called "Chat Events" (Report ID 3054).

A custom report utilizing the chats table can be created to review chat transcripts.  When a report is created based on this table and a record is viewed from the report's output, the console automatically associates the chat transcript to the engagement.

Note:  The functionality to create a new incident or append the chat transcript to an existing incident depends on whether the agent's Chat Session workspace includes the New Incident or Add to Incident buttons.