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Creating rules for transactional surveys
Answer ID 2495   |   Last Review Date 04/03/2019

How can I create rules for transactional survey?


Surveys, Feedback


After creating a transactional survey, you must also create or update a rule to trigger the survey to be sent to the contact. The survey can be sent based on updates to contact records, incident updates, or opportunity updates. The rule must be added to the appropriate ruleset so that an update to that record type will send the survey.

For more information on creating transactional surveys, refer to Answer ID 2506: Configuring Transactional Surveys.

Within a rule, the Send Transactional Survey action can be added to either the THEN or ELSE part of the rule. To add the Send Transactional Survey action, use the appropriate path below:

  • In incident or opportunity rules, click Add Action > Email > Send Transactional Survey.
  • In contact rules, click Add Action > Send Transactional Survey.

Functions:  If you have several transactional surveys, consider placing the survey rules in a function so that you can call the function to evaluate your group of rules to determine which survey should be sent.

Launched surveys: The survey must be in Launched state for rule to actually send the survey. The application allows you to configure a rule and select a survey in the draft state as part of the rule.  However, before the survey can be sent as part of a rule action, you must launch the survey.

To launch the survey, use the steps below:

  1. From the Surveys Explorer, open the survey for editing.
  2. Click the Delivery tab and click the Launch button.
  3. Close the survey.  You do not need to save the survey before closing the tab.

Example for sending a closed-incident survey: To create a rule to send a closed-incident survey, use the steps below.  Since the survey is sent based on a change to an incident, you must configure an incident rule to send the survey.

  1. From the Service Administration Items > Rules > Incident > Edit Incident Rules. 
  2. Within the appropriate rule state or function, create a rule that includes the Send Transactional Survey action.  
    For example, the rule might read:
    Incident.Status equals Solved AND
    Incidents.Previous Status not equals Solved
    Send Transactional Survey (select survey by name from the menu) after X minutes

    Note: this action includes an option to delay the sending of the survey hours or days later.  

  3. Save the rule and activate the ruleset.
  4. Create a test incident and save it so that it will trigger the rule.

NOTE: Once a survey is sent for a solved incident, it cannot be sent a second time for the same incident. You can workaround this by sending a secondary survey for the same incident if needed.

Viewing Results: 
Once the survey is launched, rules are activated and a test incident is done, you can go to the Results tab of the survey to view various results reports.  For more information, refer to Answer ID 2386: Viewing survey results or see the 'Viewing survey results' section in online documentation for your versions.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.