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Some top-level values do not show in a drill-down
Answer ID 2491   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

With some drill-down reports, why are some of the top-level values not listed within the top level?


Analytics, All versions


Values missing from top level:

When using multiple levels for drill-down reporting, a value at the top level will only display if there are drill-down records for that parent value.

For example, if you have a report that lists unresolved incidents for each queue, the queues that have unresolved incidents will be listed at the highest level. Then, when you drill down, you can see the list of individual incidents. In this case, if a queue does not have unresolved incidents, it will not be listed in the top level of the report since there is nothing to drill down to.

Records not assigned to any value:

If there are records at the drill down level that are not assigned any value in the top level, there will be an additional top level listed as "No Value".

For example, in a report that displays unresolved incidents by queue, if there are several incidents that are not assigned to a queue, at the top level of the report, there will be a row that states, "No Value" and the count of incidents is listed. You can drill down on the No Value option to see the specific incidents that are not assigned to a queue.