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Reducing the number of answers returned in a search
Answer ID 2487   |   Last Review Date 09/11/2019

How can we reduce the number of answers returned in a search?


Answer Searching


Within your Oracle B2C Service application, there are features that allow you to influence search results on your end-user pages so that fewer answers are returned.

Limiting Results to Less than One Page

You can modify the SEARCH_RESULT_LIMITING configuration setting to restrict the number of results returned with an initial search. If the initial results are not adequate, users can click the More Matches button on the page to see the full result list.

The initial results are determined by natural breaks in the search scores for the answers returned. You can set the SEARCH_RESULT_LIMITING setting to one of the following values:

  • 0 implies no limiting.  This is the default value.

  • 1 limits the results to less than or equal to 90% of one page. That is, if you display 20 answers per page, when this setting is set to 1, the initial search results will be less than or equal to 18 answers.

  • 2 limits the results to less than or equal to 50% of one page. 

  • 3 limits the results to less than or equal to 20% of one page.  

Configuring an AND Join Between Multiple Words

The ANS_AND_SEARCH configuration setting specifies whether multiple words in a search phrase should be joined with an AND connector (Boolean "AND" searches). If this setting is enabled, multiple words in a search are joined with AND. If disabled, multiple words are joined with OR.

This setting affects searching on both the end-user pages and when working with answers from the administrative pages. This setting only applies to regular phrase searches and complex searches and does not affect searches using the Similar or Exact Search options.

With regard to incidents, the SC_AND_SEARCH configuration setting similarly affects searching for incidents at the Support Console and on the Account - Questions page.

If you choose to enable the ANS_AND_SEARCH or the SC_AND_SEARCH setting, it is much more likely that users will get zero search results if they include several words in their searches. When several words are joined with an AND connector, it is much more likely that none of your answers or incidents include all of those words.

Note: Aliasing does work when ANS_AND_SEARCH is enabled.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

Limiting Rows Returned in Results

Another option is to limit the number of rows returned within the report itself. This can be done by mondifying the Record Limit. See Answer ID 5144: Limiting the results of a report for steps on how to do this.