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Mailing bounces are not appearing in delivery stats reports
Answer ID 2472   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

Why aren't bounces for an Outreach mailing appearing in the delivery stats reports?


Outreach, Feedback, Mailings
Oracle B2C Service


If bounces from a mailing are not being recorded correctly, verify the following items:

Email Gateway enabled: Make sure that the EGW_ENABLED  configuration setting is enabled for the interface from which the mailing was sent. If EGW_ENABLED is not enabled, the techmail utility cannot process messages in the Outreach mailbox, which is where bounced messages are sent.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

Valid From address for the Outreach mailbox: In Outgoing Email, the 'Envelope From / Bounce Address' field should use an marketing domain, e.g,, supplied by Oracle B2C Service.  If an Outreach mailbox was set up, make sure the mailbox doesn't have a service mailbox domain, e.g., If a service mailbox is configured as an Outreach mailbox then the bounced messages will not be recorded.

Therefore, check your Outreach mailboxes. The path is: Configuration items > Site Configuration > Mailboxes > Outreach Mailboxes, select the appropriate mailbox to view its settings.

On the ribbon, click the Outgoing Email button, the 'Envelope From / Bounce Address' field should have an rnmk domain. If the From address has a domain, submit a service request to Ask Technical Support and indicate which Outreach mailbox is configured with the domain.  If you want to use a branded domain name in the From address, please refer to Customizing mailing message headers > Using Branded email domains.

Valid Reply-To address for Outreach mailbox:  In addition to verifying the correct domain for the mailbox, make sure that the Reply-to email address configured for the Outreach mailbox is a valid address.

The Reply-to address for the mailbox can either be the same value as the From address, blank (thereby deferring to the From address), or defined with an email address that SMTP forwards to the POP account defined in the Incoming tab of your Outreach mailbox.

If the Reply-to address is not configured correctly or if emails are not correctly SMTP forwarded to a mailbox that techmail can access, the response statistics cannot be gathered for your mailings.

For more information on SMTP forwarding emails from your mailbox, refer to Answer ID 1272: Using a Company's Domain in the Sent Email Address.

Verify that the Incoming Email Enabled checkbox is marked. This is how the system receives bounce information from the receiving mail server if an email is bounced. This includes hard bounces, soft bounces and unclassified bounces. For more information on Email Bounces, please refer to Bounced E-mail message handling.