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Determining who deleted records from the application
Answer ID 2460   |   Last Review Date 05/20/2021

Is there a way for us to determine if any records have been deleted and who deleted them?


Analytics, All versions


The Deleted Records table (deleted_recs) table includes information regarding which records have been deleted from your database and when they have been deleted, along with the staff account ID of the person who deleted the record. This table includes information from a variety of tables (i.e. Contacts, Organizations, Answers, Accounts, Workspace/Workflows, Profiles, Segments, Custom Fields, and more)

To determine if certain records have been deleted, you can create a custom report with the following characteristics:

  • Tables / Table Instances:  You can select the Deleted Records table and join the Accounts (accounts) table to it using an outer join. The tables are added automatically to the report based on the fields you select.
  • Filters: Include appropriate filters for your report. Recommended filters include a filter on the deletion date (deleted_recs.deleted) to specify a certain date range and include a run-time filter for the Table value (deleted_recs.tbl). The Table value indicates which table the record was deleted from which allows you to specify which type of record was deleted.
  • Output Columns: Include output columns as necessary. Useful output columns include:

    Table value
    Record ID
    Staff member who deleted the record (accounts.full_name)
    Date of deletion
    Record label
  • Deleted Source Hierarchy:  The source the record was deleted from, displayed in a hierarchy.  Source (del_source_lvl1_source_lvl2) The first and second level sources the record was deleted from, Level 1 sources are the general area of  the Oracle B2C Service product, and the Level 2 sources are the specific sections of the Level 1 source. For example, a record could have a Level 1 source of CX Console, and a Level 2 source of Opportunity Editor. 

For more information on creating custom reports, refer to Answer ID 2509: Creating Custom Reports.


In the Deleted Records table, the ID field represents the numerical database value associated with the record, such as the contact or org ID, the answer ID or the opportunity or incident ID. The ID is not the incident reference number.

The Label field includes more specific information about the record. The Label field allows you to more easily determine the specific nature of the record that was deleted.

For incidents, the label includes the reference number along with the subject of the incident. The label for opportunities or tasks is the name. For answers, the label is the summary of the answer or meta-answer. With contacts and organizations, the label is the contact or organization name.

For a report definition XML file you can import into your site, see Answer ID 11739: Data Deletions "Gotchas" and Best Practices