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Extra numbers are included at the bottom of sent emails
Answer ID 2418   |   Last Review Date 11/23/2019

Why are we getting extra numbers at the end of emails that are sent to respond to incidents?


Outgoing Email Response
Versions May 2009 and later, for sites using Mail Scripts


For example, the following line is sent with the response:


You can disable the "reply-between-the-lines" feature so that your customers can click Reply from their email client and the incident is updated based on how they reply to the email.

In order to determine the original size of the email that was sent, a size indicator is now included at the end of emails that are a text message type. This is a byte count of the original outgoing message and is used to determine the original message so that only the updates are identified and entered into the incident thread. It is also used to identify information inserted within the original message, within the block quote area.

In May 2009 and later releases the size indicator numbers are always present even if you are sending HTML emails out of the Oracle B2C Service system.  In previous versions, if the message is sent as HTML enabled as configured from the Messages table, the byte count is not required and the stamp is not included in the outgoing email response. Therefore, to remove this field, you can enable your message as HTML enabled. To access the Messages table, from the Common Configuration menu, select Communication Configuration and then Messages.

For text messages, since the system relies on this stamp to update incidents correctly, it cannot be removed from the email.

For more information on this functionality, refer to Answer ID 2017: Disabling the Reply Between the Lines Feature. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.