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Answer review notifications sent from another interface
Answer ID 2416   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

Why do we get answer review notifications sent from an email address for an interface that the staff member doesn't even log in to?


Answer review notifications


When an answer is set to the review status based on a review on date or when the solved count is reduced to zero, the agedatabase utility sends an answer review notification. 

While answers can be published to a specific interface or interfaces based on the products, categories, access levels, and language, the answer itself is not associated directly to a specific interface. However, since answers can be written in a different language than the primary interface, notifications are sent from an interface that uses the same language pack as the answer. The interface is chosen ascending by interface_id with a matching language and an active default mailbox.

Therefore, answer review notifications can be sent from a mailbox that is on a different interface from where the answer is published. This email address is used even if staff does not typically log in to that interface or publish answers from that interface.