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Indicating default thread type when opening incidents
Answer ID 2394   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How can I change which thread type opens when opening incidents?


Workspace Thread Control


The Default Thread On New and Default Thread on Edit properties allow you to specify which type of incident thread opens by default when opening a new or existing incident.  Available options for these properties are:

  • No Default: None of the threads open when the incident is opened.

  • Private Note:  The incident opens with focus on the Notes field to allow staff to add internal notes.

  • Response:  The incident opens with focus in the response thread so that staff can easily add a response to an incident.

  • Customer Entry:  The incident opens with focus in the customer entry thread. This allows staff to enter information from customer input.

By default, incident workspaces are configured so that new incidents open with focus on the Customer Entry thread (Default Thread on New is set to Customer Entry) and existing incidents are opened with focus on the Response thread (Default Thread on Edit is set to Response). 

To prevent incidents from opening to a specific thread type, you must edit the incident workspace used by the staff account and set one or both of the Default Thread properties to No Default.

To change the value of the Default Thread properties, use the steps below:

  1. From the Configuration items, select Application Appearance > Workspaces / Workflows.

  2. In the right frame, right click on the incident workspace you wish to edit and select Open. To modify a standard workspace, you must copy the workspace, edit the copy, and then update the staff profile to use the new, copied workspace.

  3. In the workspace, click the incident thread control on the Messages tab. Click on the Design tab on the ribbon.

  4. Click the "Default Thread" menu dropdown field located in the Options section on the ribbon. Edit the Default Thread On Edit property and the Default Thread on New property as you wish.

  5. Save the workspace.

  6. If you had to copy a standard workspace, update the staff profile(s) to use your copied, updated workspace.

Note: If an agent's workspace with custom tabs, any browser controls that have the "Delay Page Load" set to false will cause the focus to go to the custom tab upon loading.  In that case, an agent will see the response activate and then subsequently close when the focus shifts.  To keep the focus on the incident thread, set the "Delay Page Load" value to true.