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Removing a suggested search phrase from end-user pages
Answer ID 2339   |   Last Review Date 01/27/2019

When an end-user searches on a certain word, how can we remove one of the suggested search phrases from being returned?


Phrase Searching, Customer Portal
Oracle B2C Service


The EU_SUGGESTED_SEARCHES_ENABLE  configuration setting enables the suggested searching functionality. When enabled, this feature will include suggested searches that users have entered previously that results in a similar group of answers being returned with the search results.

Defining exclusions for suggested searches: If you search on a word or phrase and determine that one of the suggested searches should not be included in the suggestions, you can include the word in the do_not_suggest.txt file. This file contains words which you do not want displayed in Suggested Searches on the end-user Find Answers page.

The do_not_suggest.txt  file only accepts one word per line, and any suggested searches that contain that word will not be displayed. For example, to prevent "macintosh apples" from being returned as a suggested solution, you could add either MACINTOSH or APPLE to the file. This will block any suggested searches containing this word. For example, adding APPLE to the file will prevent all of the following from becoming suggested searches: APPLE, MACINTOSH APPLE, GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLE and any other phrase that includes APPLE.

To access, the do_not_suggest.txt file, use the path: Configuration menu > System Configuration > File Manager > Switch to: wordlist files.

Re-cluster answers: Once entries are added to the do_not_suggest.txt file, your answers will need to be re-clustered. Re-clustering your answers will eventually happen automatically within the application, based on how many changes and edits there have been to your answers.

However, you can schedule the re-clustering the next time the agedatabase utility runs to ensure that they are reclustered soon after the do_not_suggest.txt file is edited. Agedatabase runs each night. To schedule reclustering of your answers, use the steps below:

  1. Go to Configuration > Service > Knowledge Base > Topic Browse. 
  2. Select an interface

  3. Check the box for "Schedule cluster regeneration"

Clustering will then run overnight. The Cluster Label section of the page is only used if you have Browse enabled on your end-user pages, allowing you to specify the names of different browse clusters.

Multiple interfaces:  Within the File Manager, files located in the wordlist menu are not interface specific. Each file is language specific.  That is, if two interfaces in your site have the same language pack applied, those interfaces share the same wordlist files. 

As a result, when you add to the do_not_suggest.txt file, if your site has another interface that uses the same language pack, those terms are excluded for both interfaces. For example, if two interfaces both have the en_US language pack applied, if you add words to the do_not_suggest.txt file for one interface, those words are also excluded from suggested searches in the other interface that uses the en_US language.