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Setting custom fields as required
Answer ID 2194   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How are custom fields set as required or not?


Custom Fields, All versions


We have several custom fields that are not configured to be required (from the Custom Fields table) but when our agents go to edit and save the records, some of the custom fields are required.


When configuring custom fields, the Required check box makes the field required on the end-user pages (if the field is enabled for end-user visibility). The Required check box also sets the default property for the custom field when it is added to a workspace.  

However, within a specific workspace, an administrator can set the Required property so that a custom field is not required when the record is added or edited from the RightNow Console.  This allows administrators to require fields for some staff members, but not require it for other staff. 

Note: Administrators can set fields to be required based on their staff profile.  This allows administrators to require certain fields for specific profiles and not require fields for other profiles.  As a result, administrators do not need separate workspaces due to fields being required for some staff and not for other staff.

When configuring the required property, there are four options available:

  • Never - The field is never required to have a value. 
  • On New - The field requires a value for new records before the record can be saved. The field can be edited when working on existing records, but it is no longer required. 
  • On Open - The field can be set on new records, but is not required. The field requires a value when an existing record is edited. 
  • On New and Open - The field is always required. 

Within a workspace, use the steps below to modify the Required property:

  1. Open the workspace for editing.
  2. Click the custom field in the workspace. If the field has not yet been added to the workspace, drag the custom field on to the workspace.
  3. From the Design ribbon, set the Required property for the field.  
  4. Save the workspace.

Note: When a field is required, the label appears on the workspace in red text with a red bullet.  

For more information on editing workspace properties, refer to Answer ID 2518: Setting Properties in Workspaces.

Required property in the custom field table: The custom field may have the Required check box enabled in the custom fields table. When that field is placed into a workspace, the default value for the Required property is automatically enabled to be required for all profiles and staff.  However, the administrator can change the property in the workspace to override the default and the field is not required for staff who use that workspace.

Similarly, the custom field may not have the Required box checked in the custom fields table, but the administrator can change the property in the workspace so that the field is required for staff using that workspace.