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Test Site vs. Upgrade Site
Answer ID 2178   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

We have a same-version paid test site for our application. How can I update my test site to the latest release?


Test Sites
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Test sites and upgrade sites are different.  Both begin as a clone of your production site.

However, an upgrade site, where the site name ends in --upgrade, is meant only for migrating to a new release of the product and allows the changes to be merged with your production site upon cutover.  A test site, where the site name ends in --tst, offers complete freedom for site modification and enhancements, configuration changes, and testing. This site cannot be merged with your production site.  Any changes done on your test site must be manually applied to your production site after you have completed your testing.

If you have purchased a production site, you are entitled to two paid test sites that you can keep indefinitely. Note that additional test sites are sold separately from your license. For more information on pricing and options, please contact your sales account manager.

Test sites can be managed using the Oracle Cloud Portal - Configuration Assistant self-service tool.  For detailed steps, refer to the 'Managing Test Sites' section in  Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant Documentation.  The Configuration Assistant does support upgrade sites.

For additional information, refer to Answer 7850: How to request a test site be created or refreshed for Oracle B2C Service.