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Redirect to URL task does not work
Answer ID 2177   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Our campaign includes a redirect to a URL, but the user is not getting directed as we have configured.


Outreach/Feedback, Campaigns


The Redirect to URL action is used to redirect the contact to a specific Web page, such as a company home page.

Within your campaign, you may have several actions triggered from a specific event. When contacts click Submit, all actions happen simultaneously.

If your campaign includes more than one task / action that uses web content (either serving a Web page or redirecting the URL), only the first action is executed. This is because opening multiple browser windows on a single submit action is typically a poor user experience since multiple actions are happening.

However, you could include a link on the first web page to allow contacts to proceed to the next page. Another option is to include JavaScript on the first page that automatically redirects to the URL of interest after 5 seconds or so. You could also evaluate your campaign to determine if one page can be eliminated from the campaign or if the content can be merged into a single page.