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Viewing incidents for other designated contacts on the Oracle B2C Service Support site
Answer ID 2140   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

As a designated contact, how can I view service requests that are associated with other contacts for our organization?


Oracle B2C Service Support Site, Service Requests (SRs)


The Oracle B2C Service Support site is configured to allow designated contacts the ability to view all service requests associated to their organization record. This includes viewing service requests for other designated support contacts and viewing ones submitted from former contacts that have been disabled.

To view all service requests associated with your organization:

1.  Click the My Account link followed by clicking the Service Requests link.

2.  Above the table of service requests, change the Display menu to "From anyone in My Organization".

Updating other contacts' service requests:  If the SR is recent enough, when you view the specific SR, you can click on the Subject link and add content to the thread. If the SR has been set to a Solved status for more than 30 days, the Update Question button does not display.

If you update another contact's SR, you are not automatically added as a secondary contact for the SR and will not automatically be copied on responses sent for that record. Therefore, if you update another person's SR, add a comment to the thread requesting that you be added as a secondary contact or be added to the CC field.

Disabled contact records:  If a designated contact has been disabled, SRs associated to the disabled contact remain associated to the disabled contact record. It is not Oracle B2C Service's policy to automatically reassign SRs to other active contacts. Leaving the SR assigned to the original contact is a better reflection of the SR history for the organization.

In cases where you need to update an existing SR for a contact that has been disabled, add a comment to the thread to request that the SR be reassigned to you so that you can take over ownership of specific SRs that need further assistance from our Technical Support team.

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