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Staff member cannot log in to the administration console
Answer ID 2114   |   Last Review Date 09/11/2019

We have a staff member who cannot log in to the Oracle B2C Service application. What can we look at?


Workstation, Environmental, Profiles, Accounts


Several items and features listed below affect whether staff members can successfully log in to the Oracle B2C Service application. Review the following items to determine why staff members may be unable to log in to your application:

Staff Account

Verify that a staff account exists within your application for that staff member and that the staff account is not disabled or locked. For more information on locked staff accounts, refer to Answer ID 2176: Re-enabling Locked Staff Accounts.

Note that having a contact record in your site does not automatically create a staff account. Contact records with logins and passwords allow the contact to access the Account section of your end-user pages, but does not allow access to the administration consoles. 

.NET Installed

Verify that .NET is installed on the staff member's machine. Please ensure that the latest available version of .NET is installed on the workstation.

For more information regarding supported .NET framework, see the Workstation Requirements in Answer ID 31: Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements for your versions.

Profile Allows Access to Interface

Verify that the staff profile allows access to the interface that the agent is trying to log into. From the Configuration menu, select Staff Management > Account Profiles and right click on the profile name to open it for editing. Make sure that the interface of interest is enabled (highlighted). 

Pop-up Blockers

If a pop-up blocker is enabled on a machine, the user can enter a login and password but then nothing else will happen except the bottom left corner of the browser will display the message Done.

Several features in the Oracle B2C Service application use pop-up windows, so it is important that staff members either turn off pop-up blockers or "safelist" the Oracle B2C Service applications so that the pages of your application are not blocked.

To determine if a pop-up blocker is installed on a machine, go to a site that you know has a pop-up when you first access the site. For example, you can go to CNN's home page (, which has an initial pop-up window, to see if the pop-up appears on the staff member's machine. If not, then, the pop-up blocker is still in effect or there is a secondary pop-up blocker at work. 

Permission Denied Error

Some users may get a permission denied error when they try to open a console. In this case, check your internet options on the machine. The Userdata Persistence option should be enabled.
To check the value of the Userdata Persistence setting, use the path: Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Custom Level button > Miscellaneous header > Userdata Persistence. 

Could not switch to locking process Error

This can occur if multiple RightNow.CX.exe processess are running.  If the previous session did not close correctly, this will leave a process running and can prevent a successful login. 
To correct this, open the Task Manager (crtl+alt+del) and select the Processes tab. Search this list and end all RightNow.CX.exe processes.  Re-launch the application to login successfully.  

If additional assistance is required, please submit an incident to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support via the Ask Support page.