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Directing an end-user to a specific page after logging in
Answer ID 2081   |   Last Review Date 07/08/2019

How do I create a link that requires a user to log in and then automatically directs them to a specific page?


Customer Portal (CP)


You can redirect users to a specific page after logging in by modifying the login URL with additional parameters. 

The specific parameters and method to use depend on which end-user pages are used with your site.

With the CP pages, you can include the redirect parameter in the URL to direct users to a specific page after they have logged in. Upon logging in, the user is taken to the page you specify. For example, to direct users to the Ask a Question page after logging in, use the URL format:

To link to a page that includes multiple directories, you must modify the redirected location by replacing each slash with %252F.  You cannot include the slash ( / ) in the redirect parameter.

For example, to redirect a user to answer 103, you must indicate the appropriate directories for the answer location, namely answers/detail/a_id/103.  When creating the redirect parameter for the URL, replace each / with %252F to generate the URL below:

When the user logs in and the redirect occurs, the %252F is replaced with the slash ( / ) and the user is taken to: