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Customizing the Oracle Service Chat greeting
Answer ID 2048   |   Last Review Date 04/29/2020

How do we customize the automated greeting within Oracle Service Chat that the end-user sees when they begin a chat with us?


Oracle B2C Service, Chat, Message Bases


Customers currently see "Hi, my name is <agent name>. How may I help you?" when they first initiate a chat session. We'd like to customize this text.


To customize the chat greeting, use the steps below:

  1. In the console you go to Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Message Bases
  2. In the Key field type, or copy and paste, CHAT_GREETING_MSG
  3. Click Search
  4. You can either inline edit the message by clicking within the text column.
  5. Or, you can edit the message base by clicking the 'Edit Selection' button on the ribbon. After you make the edit, click OK.
  6. Or, double-click the message base to open it on the content pane and edit the Description field and/or the Custom Text field.
  7. Click the Save button in the ribbon.

Have your agents log back into the application in order to see the change take effect.

NOTE: The default text of CHAT_GREETING_MSG is:  Hi, my name is <agent_login>. How may I help you?.  Within current functionality, the CHAT_GREETING_MSG message base will only pull in the agent_login value (i.e. agent display name).  It is not currently possible to enter a variable to pull another field such as the agent's first or last name.

For more information, see Answer ID 4562: Name displays differently in chat than expected.