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Pre-selecting multiple menu items for report filters
Answer ID 1987   |   Last Review Date 09/23/2018

For our report, we would like to have only the products for a specific interface pre-selected.


Analytics, Report Filters
Oracle B2C Service


When configuring a report, you can pre-select multiple items from a menu field so that the initial search results reflect a subset of possible menu items. You can set up a fixed or run-time filter to have specific options initially selected.

  1. Open the report for editing by right-clicking on the report and selecting Edit.
  2. From the Home tab, click the Filter button on the ribbon from the Data Set section or if the filter already exists, click Filters and then highlight the filter and select Edit Filter.
  3. Set the Expression field in the pop-up window to the correct table and field.
  4. Set the Operator to "in list".  The list of available options displays in the Value field. By default all boxes are checked.
  5. To clear all values, clear the Select All option at the top of the list and then re-enable the specific values of interest.
  6. Click OK to close the pop-up window.
  7. Configure the rest of your report.
  8. Save the report.

For more information on configuring custom reports, refer to Answer ID 2509: Creating a Basic Custom Report.