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Number of contacts associated with an organization
Answer ID 1918   |   Last Review Date 03/19/2019

How many contacts can I associate with an organization?


Contact to Organization association within Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Within Oracle B2C Service, there is no hard limit regarding the number of contact records that can be associated with an organization. However, in cases where hundreds of contacts are associated to a single organization, you will likely see performance issues arise regarding opening incidents and organizations. The more contacts that are associated with an organization, the more likely it is that your staff members will experience delays when opening the org record or associated records, including incidents and contacts.


Impact of Numerous Contacts Associated with an Organization Record: If you have too many contact records associated with an organization, opening that organization record (or any incident or contact record associated with that organization) can take several minutes to load. In cases where an organization has more than 500 contacts, users typically experience lengthy load times at the Support Console when editing or viewing incidents or contact records for that organization as well as the organization record itself.

This situation where an organization record has hundreds of contacts typically arises when an organization has a large number of employees and contacts or if you have set up privileged access so that all contacts with a certain level of privileged access are associated to the same organization.


To Alleviate this Issue: Create additional organizations and reassign several contact records to the new organization records. This allows you to distribute the numerous contact records across several related organizations. If necessary, apply Service Level Agreements to your new organizations so that your contacts retain their same level of privileged access and support.

Once you have created the additional, related organizations, you can use the organization hierarchy feature to establish parent and child relationships between the organization records. For more information on organization hierarchy, refer to Answer ID 2179: Using Organization Hierarchy.


In addition, with regard to privileged access and service level agreements, you can set up contact rules to assign SLA instances directly to the contact records so that privileged access can be granted to your contacts using rules and you do not need to associate several contact records to an organization at all. In order to assign the SLA to the contact record, the contact cannot be associated with an organization. This approach prevents you from having to relate groups of records together that are not truly related based on a common group, company, or organization.