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Customizing the colors of the administrative consoles
Answer ID 1777   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Can we customize the colors of the administrative consoles?


Agent Console, Options - Color Scheme


Staff can select between a blue color scheme and a grey color scheme. 

From the console, click File > Options (In earlier versions, click the Oracle icon in the upper, left corner and click Options from the bottom of the pop-up). In the View Options section, set the Color Scheme to blue, grey or silver and click OK.

Color options in workspaces:  Within a workspace, you can also change the color of the title bars used in that workspace. This allows you to customize different workspaces used by your staff. For example, you can use different colors for workspaces from different interfaces.

To modify the color of the title bar, use the steps below:

  1. Open the workspace for editing. If the workspace is a standard one, you must copy the workspace and then modify the staff profile to use the copied workspace.
  2. To add a new title bar, drag and drop the title bar control from the Controls section of the toolbox.
  3. Within the workspace designer, click the title bar.
  4. Change the Background property. Click in the property field and click the button on the right of the field to open the color picker.
  5. Select the color of interest and click OK.
  6. Modify other title bars in your workspace as you wish.
  7. When finished, save the workspace.
  8. If you had to copy the workspace in order to customize it, edit the appropriate staff profiles to use the new, copied workspace.
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