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Enabling the address and phone fields on the end-user pages
Answer ID 1757   |   Last Review Date 09/09/2019

How can I enable the address and phone fields on the end-user pages?


Customer Portal (CP), Contact Details


The method for enabling and disabling the contact address and phone fields on the Create Account page and Account Settings page are as follows:

In CP, each phone or address field can be enabled and disabled separately.  By default, the account/profile.php file includes several widgets for various contact fields, including the alternate email fields, address fields and five phone fields. 

The utils/create_account.php file does not include these widgets by default. You can edit the create_account.php file to add these widgets to allow end-users the ability to create a new account from the end-user pages.

The FormInput widget is used multiple times to add each address and phone field separately.  The name attribute identifies which specific table and field to include. This attribute should be in the form 'table.field'. The available options for the table are 'contacts' and 'incidents'. To display custom fields for input use the form 'table.c$CustomFieldName'.

<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.street"/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name=""/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.country_id"/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.prov_id"/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.postal_code"/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.ph_office"/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.ph_mobile"/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.ph_fax"/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.ph_asst"/>
<rn:widget path="standard/input/FormInput" name="contacts.ph_home"/>

Note:  To be able to set the State / Province field, the user must set the Country field first. For this reason, the Country widget is listed before the State / Province widget.

To remove any of these fields, edit the file and remove the appropriate Input widget from the file.  For example, to remove the Fax number, remove the widget:

<rn:widget path="standard/field/Input" table="contacts" field_name="ph_fax"/>