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Stemming keywords in interfaces with non-English languages
Answer ID 1674   |   Last Review Date 12/30/2018

How does the keyword feature take into account the spelling of different related words, such as conjugated verbs and plural nouns?


Answers, Phrase Searching, Languages


When adding keywords to published answers in a French interface, is it redundant to include both "casser" and "cassé"? or "fonctionne" and "fonctionner"?


Oracle B2C Service word-stemming functionality is designed to index foreign languages, so including words with the same root is redundant and unnecessary. To include both "casser" and "cassé" or "fonctionne" and "fonctionner" in a French interface is redundant since they have the same word stem.

Word-stemming is handled differently for each language. That is, the rules for deriving the root component differ between English, German, and French, for example.

Excluded words:  In addition, words are excluded based on the exclude wordlist file for the interface you are saving the answer in, that is the exclude_answers.txt file.