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Pop-up window blockers effect on Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 1665   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

How do pop-up window blockers affect Oracle B2C Service?


Browsers, Pop-up blockers


In general, pop-up window blockers are very effective at what they do. Unfortunately, Oracle B2C Service is just as subject to the restrictions placed by these blockers as any other Web site. For this reason, we do not recommend having your support site pop up in a new window when accessed from your main Web site.

Blocker programs are designed to be difficult to circumvent, and they work very well to prevent new browser windows from opening from a Web page. The effectiveness of these programs is in part due to the fact that the function being blocked is related to the browser window rather than to what is in the window. Thus, pop-up blockers on your customers' computers may prevent not only Oracle B2C Service from opening in a new window on your site, but could easily prevent other content from opening in a new window from a link on your site.

Depending on the blocker program being used and its configuration, end-users who use a blocker program may not be able to use the following features:

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For this reason, you may wish to add text next to the link which opens Oracle B2C Service, specifying that if a pop-up window blocker is running on the user's machine, it should be disabled before proceeding or, if the blocker program allows it, specify that pop-up windows from your site and application, i.e., should not be blocked.