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Including symbols and foreign characters in answers
Answer ID 159   |   Last Review Date 07/14/2022

How do I write Non-ASCII symbols and foreign characters in answers using ASCII?  


Answers, Special or Language Characters, HTML


You can include many different symbols and foreign characters by using standard HTML and special character references by inserting the HTML special characters using the Source option from within your answers.  For a list of HTML special character references, refer to

Note: You can use this technique to add special characters in public answers. The format for special symbols and foreign characters is:


where character_reference is the ANSI number.

Note: Be sure to include the ampersand (&), the number sign (#), and the semi-colon(;).

For example: If you need to include a foreign character in a solution, say an Ñ, for example, you could enter the following in the Question or Answer fields:


Also, with regard to answers created using HTML, note that once you create the answer with the initial code and try to edit it again later, the special characters (i.e. &#209;) will convert to the actual character (Ñ). This may cause problems when displaying the < and > signs around examples of HTML code in a Question or Answer field.