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Editing an active survey in Feedback
Answer ID 1578   |   Last Review Date 09/16/2019

How can I edit my active survey? 


Outreach, Feedback, Surveys


We have a URL in our survey that has changed, and I need to update the URL that is part of the active survey. I would also like to add a question to the survey.

Note: To maintain the integrity of a survey and its results, it is recommended that you not make any changes to it once the survey has been launched. Additionally, questions can be edited after they have been created, even if they have been used in a survey. However, if you edit a question’s text or choices, those changes appear immediately in any survey it has been included in. For this reason, if you want to preserve the integrity of the data returned by the original question/survey, we recommend creating a new question rather than editing the existing question/survey.

Note: In general, you do not want to delete the original survey; you merely want to cancel it. If you delete a survey, you will also delete all of the data and results from that survey. Therefore, it is best to not delete a survey, but rather set its status to Cancelled.

Steps to copy, edit, and launch the new survey:

  • To copy the survey: From the Surveys navigation button, open the Surveys explorer.  Locate the survey.  Right click on the survey and select Copy.  Enter the name of the new survey and click OK. You can then open the copy for editing.
  • To edit the question: Open the new survey for editing and click the Questionnaire tab. To remove a question, click Remove in the upper, right corner of the question. Then, click Add a Question. In the pop-up window, you can select an already existing question or click New Survey Question to create a new question.  Save the survey when you have reconfigured the survey. 
  • To launch the new survey: For a web survey, click Survey URL from the toolbar and update the link to your survey. For a broadcast or transactional survey, click the Audience tab to confirm the audience configuration. Then, click the Proofing tab to proof the new survey. When you are finished, click the Delivery tab to launch the survey.
  • To disable the old survey: For a web survey, make sure all links to that survey are removed and replaced.  For a broadcast or transactional survey, click the Delivery tab and click Cancel Invitation Message (or Cancel Mailing) and save the survey.

How to edit a survey that has been already sent:

  • There is a configuration setting that allows the ability to change a survey invitation once it has been sent.  This answer describes the feature in more detail Survey Invitation Message Not Editable.