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Customizing the look and logo of a survey
Answer ID 1479   |   Last Review Date 11/24/2019

How do I customize the look of our surveys? We would like to include our own logo in the survey pages.


Oracle B2C Service


To customize the look of your survey, you can create a template in the Content Library and then apply that template to your survey.

To create a template:

  1. From the Oracle B2C Service Console, select New > Content Library > Template. You can then select Begin with Blank Content, Copy Existing Template or Upload HTML Content.

    You can also click the Content Library navigation button and open the Templates explorer and either add a new template or copy an existing template.

  2. Add custom elements to your template including header and footer content. You can add links and images using the Toolbox features, including unsubscribe links or insert snippets and symbols from the Tasks bar.

  3. When finished, click Save and name your new template.

With a template created, you can apply the template to your survey:

  1. Open your existing survey or create a new survey by selecting New > Survey.

  2. From the Questionnaire tab, click Apply Template.

  3. In the pop-up window, select the appropriate template and click OK. The template name displays at the bottom of the Questionnaire page.

  4. Add questions to your survey as you wish and save.

The "Apply Template" functionality on the Questionnaire tab is available for both Basic and Advanced mode surveys. From Advanced mode, select the Survey Page element > Designer Home tab, then Apply Template from the Survey Tasks section of the ribbon.  Only one template can be applied per survey.

To customize the default survey pages (such as Thank You, Forward to Friend, and Unsubscribe), create your header and footer via the File Manager > switch to Outreach and Feedback (not backup or default!), then customize the survey as needed.

Note: These files are interface-specific, so you might want to update them in multiple interfaces, according to your business needs. The messages held within those default pages are message base strings that can be modified via the Message Base editor. This is also discused in the answer provided above. 

Images or any text can be easily added using the ADD HTML CONTENT task item to any survey page, while not applying it to every page in the survey. This is also the best way to place an image at the top of your Mobile-optimized surveys, as the Template will not apply when a touch-screen device is used and Apply Mobile Optimization is enabled in Survey Options.

For additional information on Survey Task options, refer to the 'Creating questionnaires in basic mode' section in online documentation for the version your site is currently on. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.