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Forwarding an incident via email to non-staff members
Answer ID 139   |   Last Review Date 07/13/2022

Can a copy of an incident be forwarded via email to non-staff members?


Message Templates, Administration Emails


In Oracle B2C Service, you can either manually forward a specific incident of interest to non-staff members or you can configure a workflow rule to automatically forward an incident to a specific email address that you specify.


Enable Appropriate Messages 

In order to manually forward an incident, the Admin Forward Incident message template must be enabled. To have a rule forward a copy of the incident, the E-mail Incident Information message template must be enabled.

Messages and notifications can be enabled or disabled under Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates > select the interface you wish to edit messages for. Next, select Administrator Emails > Incident. Confirm the template type you want is enabled to Send and enabled as HTML (if desired).

Manually Forwarding Incidents 

When working on an incident, you can use the Forward button to manually forward a copy of that incident to any email address. You can also right click on the incident in the report or view grid and select Forward.

You can also use the CC and BCC fields to copy and blind copy recipients when forwarding an incident.

You can enter any email in the Send To box, regardless of whether that email address is used with a record in the site. The email address that you enter does not need to correspond to an email already configured in Oracle B2C Service, such as a staff account or contact record.

When the incident is forwarded, the incident thread and incident custom field information is sent. By default, the incident thread includes internal notes and any other thread entries.

Internal Notes:

By default, when using the Forward button, content entered in the incident thread as Notes are included in the email message that is sent. You can exclude internal notes from being sent with the message. In the pop-up box, simply check the Exclude Notes check box.

Contact Information:

When forwarding an incident, you can enable the Send Contact Information check box to include the contact information with the email. This includes the contact's name, title, type, phone numbers, and email addresses as well as any visible contact custom fields.  The fields that are included in the forwarded message depends on the "merge fields" that are defined in the "Admin Forward Incident" template located under "Administrator Emails" > "Incident" for the interface the incident is being forwarded from.

Please note, you are unable to set the "Exclude Notes" and "Send Contact Information" checkboxes as the default setting when forwarding an incident as this non-modifiable code.

Reply-to Address:

When an incident is forwarded, by default, the reply-to address in the email message is the email address of the staff member as configured in the Staff Accounts table. This allows the recipient of the forwarded incident to reply directly to the staff member who forwarded the incident.

If you wish to have the reply-to address be a mailbox in your system, you can modify the IFWD_UI_FROM_ADDR configuration setting.

Forward Transaction:

When an incident is forwarded, you can determine who the recipient was by checking the Audit Log for that incident. Click the Details tab and then click the Audit Log radio button.

Additional Comments:

When you forward an incident, you can add a comment to the recipient. This comment can be added to the incident thread. To enable the option to add the comment to the incident thread, see Answer ID 11816: Add Forward Comment to Thread


Using Rules to Automatically Forward Incidents 

You can set up a workflow rule to email an incident to a specified email address. The address does not have to already exist in Oracle B2C Service, such as a staff account email address or contact email address. The recipient will receive an email that includes the Summary and Description of the created incident along with specific incident details, such as reference number, status, date created, and the Product and Category values.

In the IF section of the rule, add criteria so that the incident(s) of interest will match the criteria. In the THEN part of the rule, you can add an action that emails the specific address.

Click Add Action and select Email > Email Incident Information. When the action is added to the rule, a text field displays which allows you to enter a single email address. If you need to send incident information to more than one person, you can add the Email Incident Information action again to specify a second address.

Note: The "including administration fields" and "including customer fields" options for Email Incident Information do not apply to Message Templates. They only applied to the now deprecated Mail Scripts.