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Unable to access WebDAV folder
Answer ID 12521   |   Last Review Date 01/10/2023

Why do we get a timeout trying to get a certain directory in our Customer Portal files?

  • Customer Portal (any version), administration
  • WebDAV client
We refreshed a test site. Now, when we try to open the assets directory in WebDAV, the request times out.
A customization had left hundreds of log files in the assets folder and the directory listing took too long to return.
  1. Increase the timeout in your WebDAV client and try again. Refer to the documentation for the application you are using.
  2. Delete old files that are no longer needed, or organize them into subdirectories.
  3. Review the customization to ensure it does not leave excessive numbers of log files indefinitely.
See the answers 9897: Adding custom logging to your customizations and 12194: Using the /tmp Directory to Store Log Files for suggestions on how to avoid this scenario when implementing custom file-based logging.